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Krishna Eye Institute has experienced and qualified Pediatric Ophthalmologist who deal with all types of eye diseases in children.We are Best Pediatric Eye Surgeon in Kalyan .They have years of experience in treating eye diseases in children, identifying the causes of reading and learning problems and providing appropriate treatment.The specialists first diagnose the problem and then offer an effective treatment option. When working with children, the problem is more complicated because, unlike adults, children cannot tell you what the problem is. Therefore, the specialist must be experienced enough to accurately identify the problem by analyzing the symptoms.Make an Appointment.Contact Krishna Eye Institute at 817-732-5593.

What are Pediatric Eye Diseases?

Pediatric eye disease specialists diagnose,treat and manage all types of eye problems in children.Common treatments for Pediatric Eye Diseases offered by the specialists at Krishna Eye Institute.

Pediatric Eye Exams.

Vision screening recommendations: Prescriptions for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

Treatment of Lazy Eye (amblyopia): Includes eyeglasses, patches and pharmacologic treatment.

  • Treatment of Glaucoma (congenital Glaucoma).
  • Retinopathy of prematurity.
  • Retinal examination and Laser Treatment.
  • Corneal Abrasion.
  • A scratch on the surface of the cornea.
  • Topical (eye drops) and/or systemic (oral) treatment of eye diseases in children

    Topical therapy (eye drops) can be used by ophthalmologists to treat a range of eye conditions in pediatric patients. Here are some common conditions where topical or systemic treatment may be used:
    • Conjunctivitis (bacterial or viral conjunctivitis).
    • Ocular allergy (allergic conjunctivitis).
    • Eyelid inflammation (blepharitis).
    • Eyelid cysts (chalazion or stye).
    • Tearing due to lacrimal duct obstruction(nasolacrimal duct obstruction).


    Eye drops in the form of antibiotics or antimicrobials are used to target the bacteria or micro-organisms produced by these diseases.Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can cause vision loss and blindless by daamging a nerve in the back of your eye called the optic nerve.if You see these symptoms at an early age.Visit the Best Pediatric Eye Surgeon in Kalyan.

    Q2)What is Eye Discharge?

    Eye discharge, or "sleep" in the eye, is a combination of mucus, oil, skin cells and other debris that accumulates in the corner of the eye during sleep. They can be moist and sticky or dry and crusty, depending on how much liquid has evaporated.Your eyes produce mucus throughout the day, but when you blink a thin layer of tears washes your eyes and clears the rheumatism before it hardens in your eye.When you sleep and do not blink, eye secretions build up and form crusts in the corners of your eyes and sometimes along your lash line, hence the term "sleepy eyes".
    It is normal to have discharge from your eyes when you wake up, but excessive eye discharge, especially if it is green or yellow in color and accompanied by blurred vision, sensitivity to light or eye pain, may indicate a serious eye infection or eye disease, so you should see an ophthalmologist immediately.

    Q4)What is corneal abrasion?

    The cornea is a transparent protective layer at the front of the eye. An abrasion is a scratch on this layer (cornea) caused by a hard object such as a fingernail, wood, metal, glass or sometimes a contact lens.Dr Prashant Murhe is Child Eye Specialist in kalyan .Who Focuses on Eye Infection symptoms.The cornea is the outer part of the eye, the clear, transparent tissue that covers the eyeball. The cornea is the protective layer between external objects and the iris (the colored part) and pupil (the black part). Abrasion occurs when something rubs, scratches or cuts the cornea. In rare cases, corneal abrasion can lead to a more serious condition such as a corneal ulcer. This is a rare but serious condition, so a doctor should examine the corneal abrasion to make sure it is not damaged further.

    Symptoms of Corneal Abrassion
    • 1)Tingling or burning sensation in the eye.
    • 2)Blurred vision.
    • 3)Sensitivity to light.
    • 4)Red or bloodshot eyes.
    • 5)Swollen eyelids.
    • 6)Tearing or increased tearing.
    • 7)Sensation of something in the eye.
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Corneal Abrasion

    A doctor will diagnose corneal abrasion by examining the eye and testing it by placing a liquid called fluorescein on the surface of the eye. The doctor will then examine the eye under filtered light and the fluorescein will clearly show any abrasion. After corneal abrasion has been diagnosed.

    Droopy Eyelids(Ptosis)

    If one or both eyelids are very droopy, vision may be impaired. Ptosis is a condition in which one or both upper eyelids droop upward.Ptosis is not usually a cause for concern and, in most cases, can be treated by health care providers with a simple surgical procedure.If You notice these symptom in your child.visit Best Pediatric Eye Surgeon in Kalyan.
    However, eyelid problems should not be ignored. The upper and lower eyelids play an important role in protecting the eyes from injury. They also help control the amount of light entering the eye and ensure the distribution of the tear film on the eyelids.
    Increased screen time, online schooling, assignments, and sedentary lifestyle have already started showing ill effects on kids. More than a year of online schooling has led to more eye problems in children, with a number of kids as young as 5 to 8 years of age requiring spectacles. Doctors said that when schools reopen, many more children will start realizing they have vision problems.kids spend most of their time on mobile or computer screens.So they wear Glasses because of they suffer from dizzy,watery eyes and many more eye infections.Schedule an appointment with Best Pediatric Eye Surgeon in Kalyan.

    Squeezing eyes

    The narrowing of the eye reduces the amount of light rays entering the eye and thus reduces the distortion caused by the refractive anomaly. As a result, the image becomes clearer for the child, both for distant and nearby objects.

    Corneal Problem

    These will appear as white opacities of the black portion of the eyes. Severe amongst these need corneal replacement.

    Drooping Of Eye Lid (Ptosis)

    This is again not just a cosmetic problem. If the drooping eyelid causes obstruction to light entering the eye it can cause lazy eyes as discussed earlier.This again can be treated surgically with good results.

    Squeezing eyes

    The narrowing of the eye reduces the amount of light rays entering the eye and thus reduces the distortion caused by the refractive anomaly. As a result, the image becomes clearer for the child, both for distant and nearby objects.


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