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Perimeter Glaucoma Detector

Primary open-angle glaucoma is currently incurable, but glaucoma subspecialists agree that early diagnosis and treatment are essential to controlling the disease and reducing vision loss. The diagnosis of glaucoma requires a multifaceted analysis of patients’ history and clinical findings, including assessments of visual function and imaging studies.

This is a very sofisticated machine to detect presence of glaucoma. This is a very patient friendly and fast machine.


Optical Coherence Tomography

This is a spectral domain OCT with very high resolution and clarity. It is useful in diagnosing many retinal diseases including early diabetic retinopathy. It is also useful in detecting early glaucoma and it's progression. This machine also has a anterior segment module which can detect corneal diseases, angle closure glaucomas, lens anatomy and many other clinical conditions.


Advanced Sterilization Machines

Advanced sterilization machines with options of Bovie Dick Test and print out for record available. This assures proper sterilization of all instruments .


Advanced ETO Machine

ETO Sterilizer is equipment that carries out ETO Sterilization process. It is chiefly applied to sterilize medical as well as pharmaceutical items that are unable to tolerate high temperature involved in steam sterilization process such as electronic devices, plastic items and electrical gadgets etc.


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